A note from Jim Caruk

Well, it’s officially summer now, a time of year when some people go on vacation…while most of us contractors and builders work harder than we do all year! Here at the magazine, we’re busy working away on our August/September issue. One of the items in that will be an article on clothing and other gear that can help keep you cool during the hottest days. I found some stats that suggest about 120 people die a year of heat-related illnesses in Toronto alone. Granted, that’s mostly seniors, young infants, and people with pre-existing health problems, but people working outdoors are one of the high risk groups, so make sure you and everyone on your crew stays cool and hydrated.

Speaking of seniors, we’re also going to take a close look at helping older Canadians safely live out their retirement years at home, rather than moving into a nursing home, and have a related article on in-home elevators.

And it’s not just old people who get cranky, so don’t forget to share your stories about dealing with feuding neighbours while trying to get the job done. We’ve got a great prize – a Milwaukee jobsite radio – for one lucky entrant, and we’ll run some of the best stories in an upcoming issue. Send your stories to managing editor Allan Britnell: allan@renocontractor.ca.