We’ve got issues, By Jim Caruk

We’ve just wrapped up the June/July issue, and it should be landing in your mailbox shortly. It’s our annual kitchens issue, with an outdoors twist. It includes a feature by long-time contributor Frank Condron on the growing trend towards outdoor living spaces, complete with heating, lighting, and in many cases, fully functional kitchens complete with running water. We also have a piece we’ve called “The Durable Dozen,” about 12 long-lasting exterior building products, written by first-time contributor, Martin Zibauer.

For August/September, we’re working on a package of stories under the banner, “Celebrating Seniors.” According to Statistics Canada, there are now more Canadians that are 65 and older than there are that are 15 and younger. Roughly one-in-six of us is officially a senior. That translates to a lot of potential work modifying their homes so that people can retire in place. We’ll take a detailed look at design considerations, including home elevators.