Work Hard, Play Hard

Our July/August 2013 issue was built around the theme of “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Readers from across the country sent us them stories of how they like to unwind when they’re off the tools.

Will Winterfeld of Winterfield Greenbau Construction in Waterloo, Ont., finds that giving back to the community is a rewarding downtime experience.

“When I’m not renovating for a client or for our family home, I look for opportunities to exercise the non-contractor side of my brain. For the past five years, just about every Thursday night you will find me at The Speak English Cafe in downtown Kitchener, where up to 50 people meet to teach and learn English. Nearly 75 percent of the attendees are new Canadians. They are either recent immigrants or refugees. As the English conversation teacher I’m often in the company of Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese, and other nationalities who have fled war zones from all over the world. At the end of two hours we are all exhausted after trying to communicate and learn about one another. For the next few days on the jobsite I’m relaying their stories, and am overcome by a feeling of deep gratitude to not only live in a free country, but just to be alive.”  —Will Winterfield

Read more amazing and inspiring stories (page 30) of how some of your colleagues like to relax, from a contractor who’s built a 15’ x 15’ model railway in his basement, to the hair-raising tale of a father, son, and grandson who improvised their way out of a bush plane crash in the B.C. interior.