Avoiding common business mistakes

Here is the final instalment in a three-part column on common mistakes business owners make contributed by Danny Kerr, a managing partner at the Breakthrough Academy.

Prioritizing the wrong tasks in your week-to-week schedule

Here is one truth that I’ve seen proven countless times: what got you here probably will not get you there. The type of work that will take to grow your business to the next level is very different than the type of work that has gotten you to this point. I often see entrepreneurs spending less than 10 percent of their week working on tasks that truly make an impact on moving the business forward. Menial tasks such as getting materials for crews, dealing with customer complaints, and getting vehicles fixed, will not allow you to focus on the priorities that impact growth.

Working on tasks that influence long-term results requires methodical and intentional planning. Yet very few business owners spend just a couple hours a week to review results, set goals, and outline weekly action plans to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs who are serious about profitably growing their businesses spend a time at the beginning of each week mapping out goals and priorities.